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Our association was formed in 1961 to assist facility and building managers maintain their campuses. We provide training, problem solving, and professional assistance to our members. We also help to build, renovate, and maintain educational facilities of Maine.

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  • Join us Sept 16th as we kick off the new school year.
  • The tentative 2015-2016 meeting schedule has been posted. Click here to view the schedule.

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We'll be kicking off the FY16 season on Sept. 16 at the DOE Cross Building in Augusta. Pat Hinkley will be giving an update from DOE.

Thank you to our sponsor, School Dude, for this month's meeting.
Hope to see you there!  Agenda
Congratulations to the A. Burleigh Oxton Award winner for	2014, Jim Wood of Acton Elementary School, pictured to	the right.