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Our association was formed in 1961 to assist facility and building managers maintain their campuses. We provide training, problem solving, and professional assistance to our members. We also help to build, renovate, and maintain educational facilities of Maine.

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We're looking to build our helpful documents library. Please let
us know if you have useful forms, templates, spreadsheets, etc. that
you use in your workplace so we can share them with our colleagues.

  • We're accepting application for the EPMA post secondary school scholarship. If your child will be attending next year, please contact David Leavitt for an application ASAP.
  • 2013 Summer Conference - attendee lists, presentations, and
photos. Click here

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Please save the date for our April meeting. We'll be meeting on April 16th and our meeting will be sponsored by Clean-o-Rama of Gorham. The professional development session will focus on the importance of Customer Service, as presented by Kathryn Risotti of Clean-o-Rama. more info